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Food Waste Wormeries for Corporate Offices & Schools

Worms are able to digest ordinary kitchen waste, such as peelings, cooked and uncooked scraps, teabags, eggshells, paper kitchen towels, even shredded newspaper etc, in fact virtually any organic kitchen waste (a more extensive list is available upon request).

Worm digesters are constructed to suit your requirements, depending on your volume of waste and location. An 8′ x 4′ sized wormery will process approximately 25 kg food waste per day.

We are proud to have supplied one of the UK’s first industrial corporate wormeries, which continues to convert waste into compost today click here.

If you would like to see exactly how our wormeries process food waste then our vermiculture expert will show you in this short video click here.

The success or failure of a wormery depends on its management. Knowing what to put in and when to put it in is essential to success. We have been running commercial units very successfully since 2007 and have amassed a great deal of experience in managing the processes, ensuring legal requirements are met and monitoring performance. We can offer packages that are:

Fully inclusive

We provide the unit, the worms, the collection bins and regularly visit the site and process the waste. We take full responsibility for all aspects and provide regular reports detailing volumes of waste processed for your records. All you have to do is provide the space, the waste streams (we will even collect the waste from kitchens and process it ) and some water and power. All this is provided for a regular monthly fee.

Sales only

We will sell you the unit, the worms and all necessary equipment and essentially provide training for an agreed period of time to ensure the unit is managed correctly. We can then offer regular health check visits and help line support for as long as you need it.

Concept of worm digestion

  • Processes biodegradable waste
  • Uses livestock – Dendrobaena worms
  • Allows waste to be handled on site
  • Impacts on landfill costs
  • Produces an organic growing media
  • Complements other recycling initiatives


With your onsite worm digester installed, you can process almost all of your food waste in an environmentally friendly way.  Wormeries are an excellent eco-friendly alternative to sending food waste to landfill, allowing you to recycle your waste at your premises.  Composting with worms, called vermicomposting, is one of the most efficient ways of producing fertile rich soil, known as worm cast.  Our Dendrobaena worms are just about the best natural composters there are.  Vermicomposting uses this species of earthworms to process organic waste into material possessing excellent chemical, physical and biological characteristics for improving plant growth and health.  During the vermicomposting process, organic matter is fully oxidised and stabilised and the nutrients are converted into forms which are readily available for plants.


Enterprise Worms and Schools

In a drive to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible, schools are reported to be increasingly looking into more environmentally friendly solutions, such as wormeries, to help reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill.
A research report has been commissioned by Enterprise Plants to look at the reality of the situation from the perspective of head teachers. The findings reveal a huge disparity in how schools currently address the removal and recycling of their food waste. The research examined a number of different issues relating to the food waste and handling methods of schools. This included not only current methods and future plans but also cost implications, the influence of environmental factors and the barriers to adoption. The results show a very positive attitude towards the principle of on- site composting with worms.

For a copy of the report click here.


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