The Advantages

Interior and Commercial Moss Walls

Handcrafted, Preserved Moss Walls:

Moss Walls add colour and texture to any space. Preserved Moss Walls need little maintenance, yet retain their vivid green soft and tactile appearance.

Incorporating moss walls into workplace interiors creates a stunning visual aspect using a variety of textures and three dimensional features, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Our moss walls are specifically designed for each individual clients needs. Trained technicians will create your unique moss wall by hand and install it at a time that suits you.


Types of Preserved Moss:

We provide our customers with three types of preserved moss, each with unique look and texture and in various colours.


Flat Moss

Upon special request we can deliver preserved flat moss features in a variety of shapes and sizes. Flat moss has less depth in comparison to bun moss giving it a more carpet like look.

Bun Moss:

Our main and most popular range is the preserved bun moss selection, with it’s deep texture resembling green countryside hills.

Reindeer Moss:

We can deliver reindeer moss walls or panels upon special request. Unlike bun moss or flat moss; reindeer moss has a sponge like look, texture and is available in different colours.



A combination of glycerine and food dye are used to preserve and colour our moss walls. The glycerine is absorbed by the moss replacing the natural fluids which holds their beauty.



As our moss walls are preserved (not live), they don’t require a watering system or sunlight to survive meaning they are perfect for interiors that do not get much natural light. In-fact, light dusting is all that is needed to keep moss walls looking healthy, fresh and vibrant for months on end!


Moss Facts: