The Advantages

Interior and Exterior (Outside) Replica Green Walls

Each Replica Green Wall is hand made in the UK with quality Artificial or Preserved Foliage.

Our Faux Green Walls are unique in design and style.

In general our interior replica green walls are manufactured using fabric and plastic leaved foliages which look lifelike in interior locations. We design each one individually, so you can choose between very naturalised walls with ferns and ivies or slightly more formal ones, with swathes of foliage sweeping through. We have also installed single species walls to great effect.


Our artificial green wall panels have a completed depth of 100mm – 200mm and we usually manufacture them with a raw edge so that they can be framed or will easily sit into a recess. We can cover the edges with foliage if required, though. All green walls can be fire rated if necessary, although this may limit the types of foliage we can use.