What does your organisations exterior say about your business?

June 19, 2018 11:02 am

In today’s economic atmosphere, competition has pushed business owners to pay attention to every aspect of their business if they wish to stay competitive in the market. One of the areas that may not receive enough special attention, even though it greatly affects the business, is the overall exterior presentation.

People tend to make conclusions based on first impressions; you can’t deny how important visual appeal and aesthetics is to potential customers. With the ultra-competitive business climate, companies and organisations can benefit from commercial landscaping as it attracts and retains customers. Schools can also take part in school garden landscaping to achieve a healthy learning environment and perhaps pique an early interest in nature.

Every business can give back to the community around them in many ways; one of which is landscape maintenance. Exterior landscaping can benefit the community’s environment by helping to improve air quality, boost productivity, reduce noise nuisance and allow people to connect with nature.

There are many options available for commercial landscaping that we at Enterprise Plants can help with:


Exterior Green Walls

Exterior Green Walls create an alluring, breath-taking, and inviting business environment. Other than being impressive in appearance, they also pave way for good health by improving air quality and reducing noise pollution. Exterior green walls require occasional pruning and a good supply of moisture to keep their aesthetic look and maintain a healthy environment.


Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance is essential in ensuring your company’s outdoor spaces are safe, functional and attractive. Some of the grounds maintenance services we offer include plant irrigation, landscape repairs, hedge trimming, removing dead or damaged plants and more.


Grass Cutting, Lawn Treatment & Care

Lawn Maintenance is simply caring for the grass and providing it with the essential elements it needs. We maintain lawns by watering, fertilizing, and edging grass as well as grass cutting and repairing damaged areas. Grass cutting should be done correctly so as to groom healthy turf and create beautiful looking business premises.


Shrub Pruning & Maintenance

Shrubs make great additions to corporate grounds with their beautiful colours and can also offer a wall of privacy within outdoor spaces. The pruning, watering and feeding of shrubs is a key part of exterior landscaping. Shrub pruning should be done from time to time to maintain the shrub’s shape and size.


Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery involves removing and maintaining trees, thereby leaving the external environment looking clean and tidy. Our expert team can help you with your tree maintenance needs and offer advice on how regularly these should be maintained.


Weed Control

Weed Control plays a huge role in exterior landscaping as it stops weeds from competing with your desired plants. Business owners can achieve weed control by maintaining a healthy and thick lawn, sprinkling salt in weed-prone sidewalks, removing visible weeds and using chemical controls to kill weeds.


Green Waste Composting

Green Waste composting involves turning all the green waste into compost. After removing all the unwanted plants from the grounds of your business park, these organic materials can be recycled and reintroduced into the landscape. This ensures landscaping is done in an environmentally friendly, benefitting the whole community.



A busy business day comes with lots of dirt from the coming and going of customers and employees. Dirt, paper, twigs, bottles, leaves and other debris can make your business grounds look untidy. Sweeping daily ensures all rubbish is removed and the external environment is left looking clean and polished, thereby appealing to potential customers


Litter Picking and Waste Bin Emptying

Litter Picking and Waste Bin Emptying is the simplest and easiest way to quickly improve the overall appearance of your business park and corporate grounds.


Regardless of the level of your landscaping need, at Enterprise Plants we offer a range of exterior landscaping and grounds maintenance services for business parks, corporate grounds and schools to give you the perfect outdoor spaces.

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