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Wilkin & Sons Limited

Working with Wilkin & Sons Limited to supply and install an indoor tree in their new unit in Bond Street, Chelmsford, Essex.

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Client: Wilkin & Sons Limited, Bond Street, Chelmsford, Essex
(Fruit Growers & Preserve Makers)

Wilkin & Sons Limited contacted Enterprise Plants in August 2017 regarding their opening of a new unit in Bond Street, Chelmsford, Essex which will incorporate both their retail business and catering. They own and manage other tearooms throughout Essex, but this was the first tearoom created from scratch – the other tearooms were purchased as going concerns.

A London based design company was engaged to provide a retail concept and within that the requirement for an indoor tree.

The tree to be placed through a table where customers will be invited to sit.

They ideally wanted live planting.

We had to consider the following points in our approach:

• The branch area would need to be a considerable space above head height
• The tree would preferably be something associated with fruit
• The table they will be placed in will be near the entrance doors
• There will be air conditioning in the unit
• There will be limited natural sunlight
• We need to ensure that the tree would not attract insects as we will be serving food nearby.

Live planting had to be ruled out, as closer to completion the client realised due to space constraints that the table and tree through it had to be sited at the rear of the property. No natural light at all. Wilkin & Sons Limited grow cherry trees on their farm in Tiptree. The branding on their labels is a very crisp white. Therefore we suggested what was eventually supplied and installed.

We supplied and installed the following:

Aged Lead Brunel planter 50 x 50 x 50cm.

1 no. Prunus Kanzan – Cherry Blossom Tree 250cm overall height – Crown width 1 – 1.1M, head height (0.8M) single stem stained dark. Stem 10cm diameter. Clear stem 170cm. Foliage in standard white. Double flower option approximately 80 sprays.

We are extremely happy with the service you provided and the fantastic tree. Thank you to Helen for meeting me on site and understanding completely what we were looking to achieve. Your company delivered the perfect product, thank you.

Wilkin & Sons Limited

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