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Moss Wall & Living Pictures Installation for busy London office

Digital Detox Project

We installed a beautiful moss wall and living pictures to create a 'green get away' break out area for a busy office in the central London.

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The goal of the project was to create a ‘green get away’ from the large busy open plan office space that surrounded. Similar to most offices the desk area is filled with computers and screens on most walls. The break out/meeting area was created to provide somewhere for staff to have a time out or chat with others away from their screens. To think and be creative without the distractions of the open plan office.

We installed a beautiful bun moss wall, to create a textured green backdrop for an idyllic break out/meeting area in the middle of this bustling office. The space includes a sky-light, comfy armchairs to collapse into, living green pictures on the white walls, large oak table surrounded in leafy evergreen plants.

The green environment demonstrates how plants can become the main design feature for any interior. The space boasts a stunning bun moss wall and hanging evergreen living pictures that create a feeling of being close to nature and calmness.

Staff feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and with the mounting research into the benefits of planting in offices and the popularity of biophilic design rising we hope to create many more green spaces in London and around the UK! Find out more about biophilic design here.

Research has established that plants have a calming effect, particularly for those sitting behind a computer screen for more than 4 hours a day. The result of this is greater concentration and increased productivity, raising efficiency by as much as 12%-15%.

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