Our Latest Collection Of Green Walls

October 2, 2015 10:51 am

Our Latest Collection Of Green Walls

We are beginning another set of new green wall projects which will run us up to Christmas; for now though we have posted some of our latest on our work projects and case studies page.

Digital Detox

You can read and view our gallery with regards to our Moss Wall & Living Pictures installation, where we created a ‘green get away’ in a busy central London office. The idea is to give staff a place to get away from their computer screens and be able to think and be creative without the distractions of the office around them.

Read about the Digital Detox project here.


‘Bringing the outside inside’ was the plan for Smarkets modern office. We used a variety of plants, mixing up textures and colours, to create a visually striking green wall that enhances the office experience for both staff and clients alike.

Read about our Green Wall for Smarkets here

Carnaby Street

A stunning roof terrace was created for staff to have a ‘time out’ area, with our exterior green wall providing the perfect backdrop against the London cityscape. Not only giving staff some wellbeing, exterior urban gardens can also contribute to alleviating poor air quality in cities – giving benefit to everyone.

Read about our exterior green wall in Carnaby St here


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