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How living plants can benefit businesses

October 10, 2018 12:16 pm

Research has found that interior and exterior living plants can benefit businesses and their workforce in a variety of ways; including better staff health, increased productivity and financial savings.

There is now a large body of evidence highlighting the numerous benefits of having plants both inside and outside all working environments. Grouped under the new title Biophilia, the benefits can be broadly grouped into Psychological and Physiological. Both groups point to benefits that give actual improvements in a range of performance related areas which in turn give real financial benefits to organisations, proving that plants are a key element in any successful working environment.

There is general agreement amongst scientists that plants improve the indoor environment and are useful in fighting the modern phenomenon of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

No specific cause of SBS has been identified but poor air quality, excessive background noise and inadequate control of light and humidity are all thought to be important factors. Because plants have large surface areas and exchange gases and water with their surroundings, plants can help tackle some of these issues.


  • Reduces carbon dioxide levels
  • Increases humidity
  • Reduces levels of certain pollutants, such as Benzene and Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Reduces airborne dust levels
  • Keeps air temperatures down

Our maintenance covers plant replacement, tools, materials and staff. Our maintenance team are skilled technicians and they provide an excellent ongoing service.


The most important to us is that the displays always look wonderful. We are happy to leave judgement of the maintenance of the plants and their welfare to your experts. We have been with Enterprise Plants for many years. Very good customer service, efficiency… with everyone.

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